Friday, 21 December 2012

A new year at last!

I think that today being the Winter Solstice must mean a new beginning and a turn around in our fortune.
Since November I have been treading water and a number of mishaps have befallen us, however not as terrible as some people have suffered or are suffering, I have found recent times extremely difficult......and it goes on, again this morning we have been flooded out of our temporary home and it doesn't seem that we will have our own space for the 25th, and to be honest I am fed up with imposing ourselves on our good friends.
In the past month or so we have found out how kind our friends are and I would just like to thank them and say that I hope in some way I will be able to repay them in the future.
I hope that you all have a lovely yuletide.
T x


  1. what goes around comes'd have done the same thing for your friends...and yes, today is a new beginning so dust your lovely self off and start afresh, all will now be well!

  2. Hope things start to turn around for you soon. It does prove though how wonderful people can be.

  3. Yes you are both right......lighter days and nights coming.......

  4. Sorry to hear of your plight - thank goodness for friends.

  5. Onwards and upwards...forget whats been and look forward to new beginnings.
    Things will all come good if you believe in them.
    Julie x