Friday, 28 December 2012

My New Years Day (already)

20121227_124507 Yesterday, the 27th December, we left our Christmas lodgings in Somerset and rather than go home our usual way we decided to have a quick stop at the seaside.

Up the M5 to Clevedon, a pretty little seaside town in North Somerset. When Tom was a tiny tot Mum and I used to bring him here to go crab fishing on the slipway, it brought back many happy memories.

To my surprise the Victorian pier that was never accessible then was open for the public to promenade.

Michael paid the fee and we wandered along reading some of the sponsored commemorative brass plaques that had been laid into the planks.

20121227_12464520121227_12455220121227_12440120121227_12432220121227_123711 20121227_124202

Ohh Saucy!


Florence spied some guerilla crochet, and after a spell looking out into the Severn Estuary/Bristol Channel and across to Wales, we headed off up the motorway to what will be our new home for two months or so, it will not be flooded so we are happy & cosy.

So the reason for my header title is that things are on the turn for us, and my new year has started with a very positive feeling.


One last picture, the lifeboat station at Weston Super Mare, a fabulous construction and hidden away from the beaches so could be missed!!


  1. Happy new Years day! ;) So glad things are turning around for you.

  2. Hi Amanda, yes looking forward......lots of kisses to you & Mum.
    T,M & Flo. xx