Sunday, 16 December 2012

Decision made!!

I have wasted so much time on Wordpress, and although I like the designs and options, the fact that followers have to recieve/fill in email/faff, has put me off..... I have decided for the moment to bite the bullet and stick to blogger, at the moment (unfortunately) I have plenty of time so am going to "make over" my blogger site and as I will be paying for it will be posting more often, hopefully interesting and lovely things....????
No more dithering!!!!
I will get started today.
T x


  1. Sounds like a great decision to me Sweetie xxxx

  2. I meant to mention this yesterday (oh memory, where art thou?!):

    I went to my Picasa album and deleted a whole load of old folders (pw same as blogger).
    Then I realised the reason I was having to pay was cos I load my photos up in too high a pixel res- if its smaller they don't charge for storage.
    So before I upload any pics to blogger I put them in my Windows editor and just hit the resize button and take them down about 60%
    hey presto, I don't have to pay!

    1. ahha!!!! I will have a look at the Picasa, I don't know why I have it as I do nothing with it!!
      Thank you Miss Bunny.
      T x