Wednesday, 27 October 2010

an afternoon off

Sometimes when you think that problems within your family are caused by something you may have done, it can be an idea to take time out. I had asked Tom if he would like to do something as I wanted to spend some time with him.
He decided on fishing, when at home he likes to go to the Lenches Lakes.
The lakes are owned and managed by Amanda & Simon, who I have known for a long time, although I haven't seen Amanda for years (I used to go out with her brother, many years ago). Gosh it took me back to my teenage years to talk to her, as she looked as she did at 21, and her brother phoned while I was there and I spoke to him, now that was strange, I felt like the silly school girl that I was way back then.
 Back to the object of the day, and what a beautiful autumnal day, I think that I will let the pictures do the talking.....

Rainbow trout, although not for tea, as I am allergic to fish.
I enjoyed the sun, quiet & company, we need to do it more often.
Tom has arranged for him & me to go clay pigeon shooting at Christmas, I am really looking forward to that, what a lovely surprise.


  1. Aww what a lovely day it looks like you had. Beautiful photo's, i was a bit confused when i first went on your blog im loving your new header they look just like the lanterns in Turkey. Take care Dee x

  2. What a lovely peaceful day out, and lovely to spend some time with your son. The photographs are beautiful. The clay pigeon shoot should be great.
    Jo xx

  3. Lovely place to go fishing, you talk about blast from the past ,but your post reminded me of when my dad used to take me fishing when i was a little girl,special time spent with him, he died when i ws 18, he would have loved to have taken my two boys, so treasure your together times, my two are 16 and 21, and i make them have days out with me, promice of food usually do,s the trick!! Linda x x