Wednesday, 13 October 2010

An evening in .........Torquay

When we stay in Torbay, it is nearly always Brixham, we love the realness of the little fishing town, and we nearly always eat an evening meal in the Blue Anchor where we can take Flo,who sits patiently under the table, however due to the fact that we stayed in the TL, Torquay was the destination for dinner.
I was not very inspired, The Michlin starred "Elephant's" menu looked nothing out of the ordinary, and it didn't open until 7pm, and we were on a business trip so were supposed to be being economical.
I know that Torquay has a lot of chains however we fancied a nice little Italian, ha,ha. As we walked from the harbour to the town Michael looked up an alley way and tucked up in the corner we saw.......
Impressed by the list of local ales, we ventured inside, having read the bar & a' la carte, we decided on the latter.

camembert with a lovely crunchy, seedy coating & apple and caramalised onion chutney

I had a beautiful dish of beef medallions with pate in a cream & black peppercorn sauce, Michael went for lamb two ways, loads of veg. Both dishes were delicious.
No pudding!!!!

We then walked along the front and I showed M some of the locations from the fantastic British film "Blackball", if I am ever feeling down it is one of the things that cheers me up, if you have never seen it, do watch it.

....and then to catch the number 12 back to the TL, the sharp eyed ones of you will notice that we are on the wrong side of the road, we did find that out when we jumped on! Living where we live, using a bus is a novelty!


  1. Hi Tracey
    That food looks to die for. I am so glad you had a great weekend, I really enjoyed meeting you both so much and hope to meet up again. I love to see the sea crashing against the walls when it is rough. When we lived in Devon the sea front would often be closed in bad weather because the sea was crashing over the walls and the road was soaked!!
    Jo xx

  2. Yum I'm really hungry now! Did you manage to find your little Italian????