Saturday, 16 October 2010

Sorry folks, I've started......

Flo & I went out early this morning, it was cold and we had to defrost the car windows, I wished that I had taken some mittens with me, but I was wearing my lovely knitted beret that I bought from Lizzie,
I didn't find much, and Jayne, will find it funny that I bought a doll after our conversation yesterday! I think that dolls are scary and can not understand how people can collect them (likewise people probably can't understand why I buy and hang rusty old metal on my walls), however, this little lady is French and shabby, in fact I think shes really quite pretty & not scary at all!
The little figures are 2 wooden angels & a Mabel Lucie Atwell type angel.

The usual "pushers & shovers" were going round, but they all over looked this beautiful piece of embroidery, it was brought from India by a lady who had lived there, the work is lovely it is all done in metallic thresd and the colours are mellow, it has an edging of pale silk tassles.

I found a set of these childrens adventure books, by Laura Lee Hope, all 1950's with paper covers, I haven't seen them before, but they "depict the life of a happy, rollicking family".

And finally my apologies, I have at last jumped onto the bandwagon, I spotted this lovely shoe box this morning & had to buy it with the contents, the ones on top will go into my collection, the others I have popped into egg boxes and will like all of the other things, shortly be for sale at the November Fairs, the original Vintage & Handmade, Bridport rag, & Vintage at the Village (all details on sidebar).

I am now waiting for the van, so that I can load it for Malvern tomorrow & if the weather holds, Newbury on Monday.


  1. Poor Josephine will never speak to you again!

    Love the new Xmas decorations - lucky find!


  2. What lovely finds Tracey, the Christmas decorations are FAB - we only have vintage decs on our tree. I am dreading the week with the sports car, and I think Andy is worried what I will do with it!! I am used to a massive car and now suddenly I am reduced to this little dinky toy!!
    Jo xx

  3. Hi tracy, lovely finds i love the quilt and the tree decorations vintage ones seem to cost so much. The books are lovely to. I went to malvern Flee market today i have to say it was bigger today than the last one and there was a lot of 50's items i bought a couple of things. I didn't see you or i did and didn't realise it was you ;-)Beautiful day weather wise for it. Enjoy your new items. dee x

  4. Love the pink embroidery - and the cute Christmas figures. Around this time, I usually think, 'Why are people talking about Christmas, it's ages away?' - then 5 mins later (it seems!), it's Christmas Eve!