Sunday, 24 October 2010

shelf progress & something comfy for the weekend....

 Continuing on from the blog, setting out my stall, here are the shelves that Michael has made for me, 
next choose a fabric
Sanderson covered and ready to go, to see the finished stand, it will be at the Vintage Bazaar in Frome next Saturday.

and something comfy? I bought this lovely little armchair this morning, she is very comfy and compact in size, with lovely painted legs, circa 1930's. She owns a lovely slip cover in a silvery/grey damask, currently being laundered. If I can bear to part with her & if she will fit onto my stall, she will also debut at the Vintage Bazaar. (I am aiming for a look of faded elegance).


  1. Tracey you are truly an inspiration with your creative ideas for your stand at The Vintage Bazaar. I am now utterly despondent as I don't seem to have anything like enough shelf, or ladder, or vintage crates space on which to display my stuff. And just to top it off, Michael has made shelves which you have covered in lovely vintage fabric. Please send him round pronto. Does he like homemade banana bread?

  2. Cecile - what a lovely thing to say, although I may have the equipment I do know that you have all of the gorgeous stock, I've seen your quilt blog!
    I laughed out load at your question about cake, it should be "is there a cake that he doesn't like!?"

  3. Hello there! Love the florelness of the shelves, lush. the chair is such a great find ,the shape is lovely, good luck at the fair, be back soon,Linda XX

  4. Beautiful shelves Tracey. What a handy chap that Michael is. I have cake too if he would like to pop round and make me some shelves ;-)

  5. You have one clever man the shelves are lovely i adore the fabric he used. He is going to be stuffed full with cake bless him ;-)) Good luck Dee ;-)) x

  6. Ted says if Michael can't be in 3 places at once, he's happy to help out with the shelves-for-cake-swap!
    We have a MAJOR problem with the Vintage at the Village Hall fair, as he will be in charge of tea 'n' cakes and he says he'll put everyone off buying the cakes unless I bake him batches OF HIS OWN!!
    How come THEY never put on weight!!

  7. Great fabric on the shelves, Tracey :-) You should get a prize for the most lovely stall, I think!
    The chair is great - surely you'll want to keep it??
    See you Saturday !
    Denise x