Sunday, 31 October 2010


just a quick idea, this pic was in the Sunday Times today and I think that it is great inspiration for the Angels bedroom makeover.
He doesn't know that he is having one but his current room has a coat of paint slapped on the old wallpaper, furniture that he has had since he was 12 and a bed, well I seem to remember it was his first!
I have always painted murals on his walls but when we moved here he said not to bother.
I know that this room doesn't reflect his current interests but I think that it has enough Brit cool to be a basis.
watch this space.....


  1. Very cool, Tracey...
    My youngest has just painted her own mural on one of her bedroom walls...I took a photo of it the other day (whilst she was out!) - will have to blog it sometime...

    Good luck with the makeover...why do we always consider doing this during the run-up to Christmas?...isn't it difficult enough to juggle everything?!
    N x

  2. That looks interesting good luck with the decorating would love to see your mural's. Dee ;-) x

  3. I think that would be perfect, lucky lad. Great to see you for a proper (short) chat on Saturday. Your stall looked great and I'm very pleased with my goodies. Look forward to seeing you next month...
    Hen x