Thursday, 28 October 2010

Shelves:part 3

 I tried the shelves today, I think that they look great, I think that the French doll will sit on the top shelf & I have an idea of wool blankets on the bottom, however even if I did a precision plan, I would change it on the day, unpacking
your brain buzzes and sometimes you have a flash of inspiration and display things completely differently.
For my final stall display come back Sunday or visit me at the Vintage Bazaar in Frome this Saturday where there will be lots of stalls selling original vintage clothing, homewares, jewellery, textiles & decorative items. The big day is not far away so if you are looking for something individual, this is the place.
As Lizzie would say " only 2 more sleeps"!


  1. years back doing Alexander Palace Fair I had a particularly difficult lot of wares to display for sale, including a large French birdcage, dovecote and 45-piece Victorian willow-pattern dinner service (you can tell how long ago it was cos willow pattern was really popular!)- not easy to fit on a 6ft x 2'6" table!

    I spent hours setting everything up in the kitchen the day before so I knew just how to place it in the rush-hour of unpacking.
    I sold ALL the large pieces waiting in the early morning entry queue and Mark said I should've been over the moon but I was totally flummoxed because when it came to setting up the stall I was completely flummoxed! I guess I'm never happy am I! xx

  2. Hi Tracy,
    You're doing really well with your practise run. I found it very helpful when I did it but don't think I'll have time this week so I'll be winging it on Saturday! Look forward to seeing all your delectable goodies...
    I so agreed with your comment about people's bizarre reluctance to pay proper prices for vintage goods - just like people can be stingy about handmade items, but have no problem handing over their cash for goods shoddily made in China! Right, I'll get down off my soap box!
    Hen x

  3. The shelves look great Tracey, I always struggle with how to display things on my stand. Wish I was nearer to Frome to pay the fair a visit. Hope you have a great one.
    Jo xx

  4. it would be "two more sleeps" if I could stay asleep a whole night.. awake again at 3 am last night..grrrrrr

  5. Hi Tracey,
    See you Saturday...bright-eyed (Or probably blurry-eyed in my case! - I'm rubbish at early mornings!;-)) We are within chatting distance in notice...but then there may not be time for that if there's plenty of lovely folk though the doors...:)

    Thank you SOOOO much for adding my shop's link to you are a very kind lady! x

  6. Whoops...should say 'I notice'!! Think I better get an early night! N x