Friday, 29 October 2010

Inspired by Elaine, this morning when I took Flo for her walk the camera came aswell.
I love my zinc buckets outside the house and just pop what looks nice into them. 

 As we walked along the lane, the colours are lovely, some of my favourites are burnt orange & lime green
 hello little chap
 "What is it Flo?"
 about 50 canada geese, a swan & Mr & Mrs Mallard, grazing.
Shall we chase them?? No lets go home for a hot choc!
I have just loaded the van and am not happy with what I am taking, but heyho!!
I now have to pack all of Tom's stuff for him to take back to college (yes he is going back this time!), as he spent soooooo long cleaning his room yesterday that he didn't have time, and if it isn't ready when his Dad comes to pick him up, all hell will break loose!
Tom obviously isn't here now to do it himself as he has gone off beating for the day!
Have I got something wrong somewhere?


  1. Your shelves and your earlier 'plan' for your stand look so attractive and I'm feeling very envious. I have been poorly all week and nearly cancelled but made the effort this afternoon to to go out to the container store and load the car. Then nearly wept from exhaustion and depression when I couldn't fit all my lovely 'vintage home' treasures in as well as my usual stock for Frock Me! on Sunday. I'm not sure my London stock is right for Frome and now I'm at home I keep wishing I'd picked different stuff. Oh well - see you early tomorrow!

  2. oooooo I don't think I've ever inspired anyone to do anything before- except swear!

    A rule of thumb I always found was the the day you're not happy with your stock is always a GOOD day selling, and the day you're totally in love with it and think everything will just sell itself is the day...when you realise you'll be spending the rest of the week eating baked beans and jacket spuds and NO chammy!!