Monday, 18 October 2010

New stock & can Michael make it as a Jack Wills model?

Today, having left the van loaded last night, we went off at 5.30 am to Newbury racecourse, not for a day at the geegees, but another day selling my lovely wares :-), with some new stock,
The screen is four fold and covered on one side with a lovely 70's faded green & yellow floral
the art deco curvy dressing table & 70's/80's ottoman

Lovely "Rob Roy" childs tweed deerstalker jacket

decoy duck & leather wear!
If you read one of my earlier posts about Autumn fashion, you will remember my love of the Jack Wills look. This is my own twist on it for Michael without the expense, vintage tweed of course, he did forget his vintage brogues though! Do you think that he has the look?
p.s. I have just noticed that I have lost one of my 52 valued followers, it is quite a shock, did I do something wrong?


  1. That lovely curved art deco dressing table i saw one just like that at Malvern Flee market on sunday i was to scared to ask how much it was its just beautiful. Your hubby looks great the look suits him well ;-) Aww don't worry about losing someone im sure you did nothing wrong, you have a lovely blog. Dee x

  2. You should rent Michael out as a male model! ;-)

  3. Ooh, Tracey...I have lost one of my followers today too! 67 is now 66...what happened?
    Mmm...There is definitely something very attractive about a man in a tweed jacket...
    Julie x

  4. O Tracy what an idiot i am i was rushing around so much trying to keep up with everyone i didn't realise it was you, im hoping to go again in november so i will def keep an eye out for you and say Hi. So sorry. Quite funny really i admire your things on line and then don't even notice them in the flesh, i have to say its better shopping on your own and not with a man, i hate rushing. Take care Dee x

  5. Nice look Micheal! Hope you both had a good day at Newbury?? xx

  6. You've just gone up to 52 again - I've joined :) Found you via Dawn @ Life on the East Coast.

    I lost a follower yesterday too - I think someone has stopped blogging - just can't work out who :(

    You should send his pic to JW - they ought to use some more mature models.

  7. I panicked when I lost a follower, why do we ALWAYS assume we've done something wrong (mind you with my "Foot in Mouth" its because I usually have!)
    Hope you had a good day at Newbury, and are building yourelf up for the 3-day stint in November!

  8. Thanks for all of the comments about my followers it is a strange feeling, I sometimes think that maybe I am not interesting enough and I do try to make my pics lovely.
    Michael is very pleased with the comments,he will especially like Vicki's, I may not show him!

  9. What with 'BusyLizzie', I think it should be 'BusyTracey' too! Hope you had a good fair.

    My followers go up and down all the time...I shouldn't worry about it...I mentioned the word 'poop' in one of my posts and lost two followers!...coincidence(?), maybe...Keep your blog how you like it to be and you'll get the faithful followers.

    See you soon,
    Niki x

  10. Michael looks great. Sorry I missed Malvern this time.

  11. What a great stall - that little deerstalker jacket is so sweet. And don't get too worried about followers - they come and go. I think some people just give up on blogging after a while.

  12. Lovely things Tracey, especially the Deco dressing table. We had a 30's house in Devon and I do miss my 30's furniture terribly!! Michael looks great, he definitely has the look. Don't worry about the followers, I have lost a couple - don't know why, I just think it happens sometimes. I really laughed at Niki's comment about mentioning the word 'poop', perhaps 'balls-up' did the same for me in one of my past posts :) Hope you had a great fair.
    Jo xx

  13. Hello Tracey,
    Thanks for popping by!
    Hey, your wares all look very lovely on display at Newbury - I wish I'd been there with a purse full of pennies!
    Have a good rest of the week,
    Denise x
    Oh and the followers discussion? Well, numbers go up and down like index linked savings - you know! It's one of those things ;-)

  14. Michael looks good in his jacket! As for followers - I don't seek them as I 'lurk' a lot myself without following. I lost one recently but I don't mind as I have joined and left blogs myself as it suited my interests over the years. No big deal!

  15. Very good look....just like Johnny Depp!!

  16. Hello again Tracey,
    Meant to say when I last saw you...
    You know when someone leaves a comment on your blog? - And you automatically receive an email from Blogger to let you know, which also includes the links to the commenter and the post? Well, when I receive a comment from you (thank you kindly!), the link for 'Tracey at the Vintage Bothy' does not take me to your blog if I click on it. It just says 'profile not available'. The only way I can access your blog is via my blog's sidebar links....Does that make sense? Just thought I'd let you know, as some others may be having problems visiting you....Yours is the only one that does this with me.
    See you on the 30th,
    Niki x

  17. My folowers go up and down like nobody's business! Don't worry aboutit, just keep blogging and enjoying it. I love reading your blog and you have plenty of interesting things to say.