Saturday, 23 October 2010

a brighter outlook...

Today is brighter, I found this lovely fabric and thought that I would share it with you, currently a pair of curtains wouldn't it make smashing cushions? 
 Florence has been supervising the ironing, I think that it was a bit too much for her, you can't quite see but rather than her usual cotton bandana she is modelling a black/floral silk chiffon square scarf, far more feminine.
Oh yes did you read the story of Josephine, on Jayne's blog (, well I have to admit Josephine used to belong to me, the reason that Jayne had to make her a beautiful new dress is because the dress that she used to wear was this lovely black/floral pinafore dress which I found in my fabric cupboard this afternoon. The reason that I haven't parted with it ?

It was mine when I was a toddler!


  1. awww your dress is so very sweet i wouldn't part with it either. I love the fabric def cute cushions. The doll is lovely. have a good weekend


  2. That's a gorgeous dress, Tracey :-)
    Thank you for keeping the birds for me! I'll be in Frome pretty much at opening time, so will come find you ASAP. Thank you!
    D x

  3. Love the cowboys (particularly the bow legged one!)
    I agree with Florence - ironing is boring & tiring.....
    Cute little dress - you'll need another doll to wear it now....or a teddy?

  4. I used to have some of that mexican fabric, I shall see if it's still with you next week.