Wednesday, 1 December 2010

 The two items that I bought at the Vintage & Handmade fair were these lovely handmade tweed slippers from Woo, who is still taking orders for Christmas, I have put pictures of other designs further down.
 Continuing the tweed theme I also bought this beautifully embroidered oversized purse from Viv

What a lucky girl.


  1. I am not usually a "slipper person", but could do with a pair here at the moment! Woken up to snow, what a surprise! xxx

  2. its snowing heavily, I'm sitting in my dressing gown eating cake.
    How slovenly is that!
    Could do with those slips- am wearing my welly socks.
    ps hope Michael is better?

  3. Hi girls, looks like we got away from Dorset and Hampshire just in time.
    I have had to bite the bullet and go to T****'s this morning - I hate it, you wouldn't believe how busy the tills were, I wasn't stocking up because of the weather but because it's been 3 weeks since I last went!
    I have been told that I can't have my slippers until Christmas! I expect we will be having a heatwave by then - not!
    I will be able to gauge if M is properly well as it is quiz night at our local, if he has a small meal and sticks to oj, then no, if its steak & pints of old Rosie then yes. :-)