Thursday, 23 December 2010

Looking forward

2008-03-02 2008-04-29 001 005
 Since this last bit of snow I have been waiting for Christmas to be over, I hate being trapped, I hate the dark and cold!
So I thought I would bring some sunshine to us all with some of my old photos of India & Nepal.
As you know, I usually show textural/architectural/pattern, this time feeling low as I scanned through I started to think that although we are "suffering" from some snow, our lives are not too bad compared to others who have nothing. This is not a bah humbug post, it is supposed to be colourful and hopeful.
2008-02-27 2008-04-29 001 020

2008-02-27 2008-04-29 001 021
2008-03-08 2008-04-29 001 003
2008-02-27 2008-04-29 001 019

2008-03-08 2008-04-29 001 007

2008-02-27 2008-04-29 001 015

2008-02-27 2008-04-29 001 023

2008-03-05 2008-04-29 001 012

2008-02-27 2008-04-29 001 014
Do have a lovely time with your families, but roll on the New Year!
Lastly, I looked at this picture and thought, how amazing it is that not many people in the World will have seen this sight in person, the enormity of that thought makes me think how small our troubles can be in comparison to others.
2008-02-27 2008-04-29 001 005
 Mount Everest



  1. oh my, the flowerseller looks utterly forlorn of hope.
    I do agree with you that our lot (however snowy and annoyingly delayed) is certainly far better than many have- so many souls having an existance, rather than a life.
    In fact, I often think how many people yearn for the care and love (and food) that we bestow upon our animals...

    I feel rather sobered now, which probably isn't a bad thing- I'd been giving Tigger a run for his money these past couple of days since I found my Christmas Mood!

    Very best wishes to you and Michael.
    So lovely (and lucky) to have made your acquaintance this year, and look forward to more in the coming year.
    I just SO LOVE my skirt!!
    ps dust...what dust...oh, is THAT what it is??!!

  2. Lovely thoughtful post Tracey, makes me realise how lucky we are. I never try to take what I have for granted. Hope you have a lovely Christmas and roll on the new year.
    Jo xx

  3. How lovely to have visited all these exotic places. I would love to visit India. It is a place of contrast - such huge poverty etc. Makes us thankful that all we have to endure is a bit of snow!
    I liked your earlier blog on Istanbul too and may look at going there next year! Thanks for that.
    Have a lovely Christmas.

  4. Thought provoking post Tracey.. and amazing photographs.... xx

  5. Thank you for your bloggie comment, glad you approve of my new look!