Thursday, 9 December 2010

It’s not my fault…….

xmas decs 002
The house has boxes and stock and furniture stacked in every room, today I am supposed to be sorting & tidying, I was due to tidy my desk/work area so that I can make Michael do his. I have stock to label for the Old Pill Factory, ironing, chores etc,etc.
HOWEVER, I couldn't resist starting at the end of my list first.
As Tom will probably not be here much at Christmas and his Father insists that he go to him every Christmas day (it's a control thing, he thinks that he is getting one over on me), I don't go overboard any more. I also don't believe in buying a tree for a couple of weeks that then is either composted, or palnted out in the garden, which invariably you don't actually want a conifer in the garden, this is not bah humbug, just how I see things!
So last year as we were in a rented house in Brixham it was sticks & driftwood in a large vase, the year before it was a red dogwood, which has been planted in my Mum's white garden, for winter colour.
This year we decided on a twisted hazel, again it will be planted out into one of her gardens.
xmas decs 001

xmas decs 003
xmas decs 004
xmas decs 005
I have a collection of vintage baubles and the left over ones have been layered in to a glass vase which will sit on the kitchen or coffee table (on a mirror).
I need to buy more lights as I went and found my old ones in M's shed, most are not working, I hear you say, but he is an electrician, but you know what it's like having a tradesman at home, the jobs never get done. They were old lights and I am sure that I need upto date ones, the only problem is, is that my car is broken so I can't get out, I do think that my daisy lights do set off my lovely French mirror?!
Now off to do the chores!


  1. I love what you've done. The vintage baubles are just lovely.

  2. I love the vintage baubles in the vase Tracey, they look fantastic. Good luck with your venture at The Old Pill Factory, I am in the process of possibly venturing in to something similar in Stratford (if it comes off)
    Jo xx

  3. Hi Tracey!
    I think that the twisted hazel is a lovely idea !
    As for vintage baubles...totally gorgeous!!

    ;-) x

  4. Hi tracy, your house is looking lovely and festive i love the vintage baubles they look fab in the bowl and with a mirror underneath thats a real neat idea. Love the branches idea to. Good luck with the jobs list. dee x

  5. That twisted willow looks fab!!

  6. I think that your alternative tree is amazing! Thank you for your blog comment, I am Virgo.. a perfectionist (some of the time! smile...) see you tomorrow!!! xxx