Tuesday, 14 December 2010

A crisp & sunny day

 A few weeks ago when the snow hit the country Michael and I were enjoying a day off in crisp but bright sunshine, these are a few of the colourful pictures that I took, I hope that they brighten your day.
november dorset 020november dorset 025
colour and texture everywhere
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beach hut fabric envy
november dorset 013november dorset 014november dorset 015
november dorset 034
Two happy faces.


  1. ohhh i love the beach huts, they have some fab ones in Lyme i love looking in on them as i walk by in the summer. Dee x

  2. Gorgeous pictures Tracey, they look like photographs from a magazine. I particularly like the pictures of the fishing nets and floats.
    Jo xx

  3. Thanks girls, and Dee you are right - Lyme Regis!

  4. Lovely pics Tracey. I too love the beach hut photos. We always used to have a beach hut on holiday in Clacton and Littlehampton in the 1950s. They are like gold dust now. Great colourful photos to cheer us up. Just right. Thank you. Ann x

  5. Great pictures...love the boot prints on the sand...
    Julie x

  6. Lovely pictures ... really interesting. I found myself looking at them for ages, taking in the detail and the colours.

  7. Hi there,
    Just referred myself to your blog from another blog - love the photographs. we went to Lyme recently too. It is a lovely place - better this time of year, less crowded!

  8. Love the beach huts!!! You two look like a pair of kids!!

  9. As we sit cocooned awaiting the next BIG CHILL your bright and beautiful photos cheered me up nicely. Your photos always have such a professional touch - did you study it at college? Yours in admiration, Cx

  10. It's a long story Cecile, sort of yes but no!
    Thanks for your kind comments, I am driving to Winchester today and will hopefully get back tonight before the weather sets in?!
    T X