Tuesday, 21 December 2010

beautiful mosaics

From my stock of photos that I have taken this year, I thought that I would post some beautiful mosaics and paintings of religious figures. I love them for the history and works of art that they are, please take from them what you wish.
click on images to see detail.
Taken in a variety of Churches/Mosques in Istanbul. Although every picture with a human figure or face is not Muslim as figurative forms do not appear in Islamic art, in Istanbul many of the buildings that were built as Mosques or Churches may have been recycled into the other, thus the buildings can be a mish mash of architectural style and art.
Green architecture from centuries ago!


  1. All soooooooooooooo beautiful. We have a tiny church here in our village filled with so many gilded cherubs its amazing!
    Also.............I demand that you post me that gorgeous little dog immediately!!

  2. Beautiful pictures Tracey. I love the picture of your little dog in the snow. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and catch up with you in 2011.
    Jo xx

  3. That's not Flo is it? Looking very perky if it is. You are a very accomplished photographer Tracey - I always love your pics. I am looking forward to your next exhibition after the Moroccan holiday.Cx