Sunday, 12 December 2010

All aboard the Skylark......vintage adventures

After an early foggy start at the local market, we boarded the Skylark and drove up into the sunshine along the Cotswolds to Witney. We had a little bit of work to do in the unit at The Old Pill Factory and some more stock to take in.
Opening hours are 11am - 4pm on a Sunday, so having avoided the Little Chef in Burford (after M's bout of food poisoning contracted at another branch a few weeks ago) we decided to see what Witney had to offer.
What a result, "Huffkins", a bakery & cafe two doors down. Michael chose the breakfast platter & coffee, I had the bread basket, croissant, jam & butter and raspberry & custard danish and hot choc with whipped cream - yummy!
On to the shop, I re- arranged my unit and added some stock, there are more pics of lots of the shop and the lovely ladies that look after us and the customers, Fiona (Manager), Ann and Ali. (Julia, the owner was not there today for her photo call!)(Sorry Ann I think that you all look lovely which is why I posted this).
Some time ago I read about a paint that can be used straight onto surfaces with out prepping them, The Old Pill Factory stocks "Annie Sloan" paints and I bought a couple of tester pots, in gorgeous colours, one grey and a faded mustardy, yellowy, cream.
When we had finished the unit we walked around town and did some shopping in Waitrose (we don't have one too close to home, so I always nip into one).
We popped in to say goodbye and to do a final tidy, the one problem with selling linens & textiles from a unit is the inability of most people to be able to fold things up and put the items back in place, I know that this sounds a bit petty, but I do like my stock and unit to look good, I am able to control this at fairs but it is tricky in a unit, however the ladies here have it covered as the whole shop is beautifully presented.
We drove home in the fading light, the deer starting to come out of the woods to graze in the fields & Spurs/Chelsea on the radio (M insists).
Michael has a beer, we will be having pea & ham soup & crusty bread for supper followed by homemade mince pies.
That was our day, we had to miss Shepton but we couldn't be in two places at once!
Take a minute to view the slide show.


  1. fab piccies... it looks wonderful! Missed you at le flea today! xx

  2. Tracey it looks gorgeous, What lovely pictures, it all looks so enticing. I can't wait to start my little venture...I have always wanted a shop so this will be the next best thing...hopefully!! The food looks yummy. Mum says thank you for the card.
    Jo xx

  3. I'd love to visit your unit here, will have to plan a detour some time. I know what you mean about having things on your stall looking nice, quite frustrating! Shepton was good today, sitting at home under my new (old) eidy right now. Thanks for your message about the fabrics, hope to catch up somewhere soon.
    Hen x

  4. Ohhh what a lovely day sounds like you had. Gorg pictures so many beautiful things. The unit sounds and looks like a fabulous place Well done to you. dee xx

  5. Sorry Tracey, but I can't decide which is my favourite - Michael's breakfast or your shop.Let me think, Michael's breakfast or your shop? Michael's breakfast or...(your shop!)Cx

  6. It looks fabulous Tracey - I'm sure you'll do really well!


  7. Hi Tracey
    I'm glad you say you missed Shepton as I looked and looked but couldn't find you and now I know it's not just my shortsightedness!!
    I know what you mean about folding of fabric - it does have to be just so doesn't it? In the same way that nobody else plumps up the sofa in quite the same way, do they? oh blimey, I sound like Hyacinth Bucket !!
    I did have the sparkly hat in action on Sunday and I got some jolly items which will be on the blog soon.
    Thanks for visiting the new website - I'm scheduled to join the Textile fairs next year!!
    Have a fun week,
    D x