Monday, 6 December 2010

all aboard the skylark 2

pill factory 1 003
Today Michael and I were on a mission! Despite the freezing fog we had an appointment that had to be kept, we arrived early, at The Old Pill Factory in Witney.
Why? I hear you ask, some of you will have already guessed.
I am not religious, however I do believe in fate.
During last weekends fairs a lovely lady, Polly, stopped to say hello, we hadn't seen each other for such a long time, she was visiting the Original Vintage & Handmade Fair in Chipping Sodbury, with Annette, another lady that I hadn't seen for ages. They both told me of a fabulous antiques/lifestyle shop that has recently opened in Witney, they both have units there and told me how fabulous it is and that I should go in.
On the Tuesday, having left Tom in Winchester, I suggested to Michael as it is on our way home that we should stop and take a peek!
These nursery/toyland pictures are of the window this week, last week the theme was world travel.
pill factory 1 004
pill factory 1 005pill factory 1 006
pill factory 1 012pill factory 1 007

When we visited we also found that this lovely shop is owned by Julia, another lady that I used to know, have you guessed where we are going with this?
Julia has brought the concept of antiques/vintage/lifestyle store bang up to date.
The shop itself is a most beautiful stone built building which has had a lot of renovation, Julia has painted throughout with an off white and the wood work is in a lovely calm, pale, blue/green, wood & neutral flooring. The row of built in cabinets are light and airy. The lovely building greatly compliments the stock of the dealers, and the staff are friendly & very helpful this indeed is a beautiful shop to visit.
pill factory 1 008
My reason to be here on a frosty, Monday morning, keeping Michael from his clients, well I am sure that you have guessed........
pill factory 1 023
pill factory 1 022
pill factory 1 025pill factory 1 024

pill factory 1 027
pill factory 1 028
pill factory 1 030
pill factory 1 032
Oh how exciting, last week I was still unit less despite lots of effort, and today I am in the loft at The Old Pill Factory.
I spoke to Julia last Friday and she put me on the waiting list, and call it fate/luck/kismet,.........

    pill factory 1 035
pill factory 1 036pill factory 1 037
pill factory 1 009pill factory 1 010
pill factory 1 017pill factory 1 013
pill factory 1 038
pill factory 1 021
pill factory 1 019
pill factory 1 015pill factory 1 034pill factory 1 020pill factory 1 018
pill factory 1 029
pill factory 1 033

pill factory 1 016pill factory 1 014
So do come in, I am at the top of the stairs in the loft.
Although last weekend was hard work, especially for M as he was so ill, I have gained a lot from it, having made a lot of new friends and found new places.
Thanks to Bridport Rag market, The Vintage & Handmade, Vintage at the Village Hall and The Old Pill Factory.


  1. It looks fantastic Tracey. I think we will have to have a day out sometime. Thank you for your lovely comments on my last Blog post, I would love to come down to the Vintage Bazaar next year, will have to see if they have a space available. I am looking into having a small stand at Barn Antiques, need to weigh up the cost etc...
    Stay safe and keep warm.
    Jo xx

  2. Yet another place to add to my list - if I ever get out of this house!

  3. How exciting Tracey! It looks lovely - wishing you lots of luck & plenty of sales!


  4. That is surely worth a visit, thanks for passing on the info, Tracey.

  5. Gosh how wonderful I think so many of us bloggers would love to have somewhere permanent to display and sell their wares instead of dragging them into the store and lugging them out at the other end. You will be able to mess about displaying stuff and moving it round - ooooh lovely. The best of luck with your venture.

  6. Some things are just meant to be.. and I think this one can definitely be put down to kismet.
    What a lovely place to have a corner.. and I will definitely be visiting when I can persuade my chauffeur to take me there.
    I do hope it all goes well for you Tracey.
    Michele x

  7. Hurrah and Huzzah! ( As my eldest daughter would say.) So glad to hear that you've found what looks like a very attractive and compatible space for your vintage treasures. If only we had something like that in Salisbury I would be on my knees begging for a unit. Were hoping see you at Shepton - though Number One (only) Son now seems to have plans for us that weekend.Cx

  8. Wow Tracey, fab news! Well done in getting into such a fab space. I look forward to coming for a look once the roads are safe!! Lizzie x

  9. O Wow Tracy that is fantastic news..soooo exciting well done you. Looks like an amazing place as well. Beautiful photo's to. Good luck with it all. Dee x

  10. This looks amazing Tracey, I will have to find a way to visit. Good luck although you won't need it, your things are so lovely and quirky.
    Ann x