Friday, 17 December 2010

The Old Pill Factory–this week……

The Old Pill Factory 3 029
Scandinavian Cool
The Old Pill Factory 3 028The Old Pill Factory 3 027
The window display is changed very regularly, I have hit the big time, my red and silver Ali Baba slipppers have made it to the window, the girls do a fantastic job, making the window enticing and changing is very important. It works as I came away with a lovely little Robin, which is now sitting on my Mum's mantle, and two old drawers!
The Old Pill Factory 3 026The Old Pill Factory 3 025The Old Pill Factory 3 030
Mum's Witney wool hearts are selling well, having been relocated to a spot in the front of the shop.
 The Old Pill Factory 3 021The Old Pill Factory 3 024The Old Pill Factory 3 020 The Old Pill Factory 3 022The Old Pill Factory 3 021  
    We are used to seeing Babycham coupes, I think that these are much nicer with a Flamenco dancer,
The Old Pill Factory 3 019The Old Pill Factory 3 015 
Oh yes my drawers! Two tatty old grey French (Michael will say "where's the rest of it?"), I couldn't leave them behind, I am intending to use them on my stall at future vintage & textile fairs.
The Old Pill Factory 3 016The Old Pill Factory 3 017The Old Pill Factory 3 011  The Old Pill Factory 3 014
The lovely navy leather handbag nearly came home, but I don't use little handbags but for someone that does it is beautiful & a bargain.
The Old Pill Factory 3 010The Old Pill Factory 3 005The Old Pill Factory 3 013The Old Pill Factory 3 006The Old Pill Factory 3 011The Old Pill Factory 3 007The Old Pill Factory 3 004The Old Pill Factory 3 003The Old Pill Factory 3 002The Old Pill Factory 3 001
So much loveliness
The Old Pill Factory will close on Christmas Eve eve and re-open on the 2nd January 2011.


  1. Gorgeous!! So nice to be able to enlarge the photos and have a really
    good look..almost as good as being there!!
    Happy Christmas, Tracey!
    ;-) x

  2. it all looks so lovely...but are you spending as much as you're taking????!!

  3. This place really does look gorgeous. Glad it's working out for you. I am in love with the curtains in one of the photos!
    Hen x

  4. Wow! looks delightful...any tins?!

  5. What a great place to shop, wish I lived nearer. Love those drawers too!

  6. Fab pictures of the Old Pill Factory, those grey drawers would have come home with me too!
    love your footprint header....
    Julie x

  7. Wow, it really does look like an amazing place! I cannot wait for better weather so we can visit!! xx

  8. It all looks justb great! Would love to visit you after the ice age finishes! I'm seriously considering hibernation ... like the polar bears ... I'd be so slim in the Spring! If you haven't sold the glasses with dancers on, I'd love to buy them?
    Love Lesley XX

  9. tracey- I love that comment!
    No, alas not inspired by Vivienne Westwood but simply the recipient of mix'n'match 2ndhand ebay seems the more garish the pattern the cheaper the price! (you should see the colour of his underwear!!)

  10. Ooooh so many pretty things, ,love love love.

  11. Great shots and pretty things.

    Darryl and Ruth : )