Friday, 3 December 2010

new boots & 50's skirt

Mum had to go to the dentist today, so whilst she was in there I went to the shoe shop that is near by, a few weeks ago she treated me to a lilttle pair of fur lined booties (for Chrissy), I know that the shop were expecting more new stock in, so ........
leather & suede mix, a bit cowboy, a bit riding?!

Next we popped over to Barn Antiques for a mooch, had coffee, chocolate & scones for elevenses in Violettas cafe.
Inside I found a lovely metal filing drawers in green with A4 size drawers, it will make a funky bedside cabinet & I will display it with an anglepoise on top.
This great skirt has a 28" waist and is 50's/60's, a heavy cotton that is lined, with a London label - John Travers. I should have put it on my mannequin but in my rush to show you the coffee table had to do!
Not bad for a mornings mooching!


  1. oooooo boots a bit gorgeous aren't they and they're very "you"...but the it for keeping or selling, because its VERY "me"!!
    I await your reply with everything crossed! xx

  2. Oh dammit, I want those boots - I need those boots !!!!
    I've been browsing the aisles of ebay for a good sturdy pair of that ilk...
    Don't dare wear them anyplace near me as I'll have to rip them of your feet - they are gorgeous beyond measure !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love the skirt fabric. With such a tiny waistband, me thinks the skirt should become a lampshade ;-)
    Have a lovely weekend dear!
    D x

  3. Those boots are made for walking and thats just what there do one of these days those boots are gona walk all over you ;-))) Fab boots and i love the skirt to so cute. And well those scones look far to yummy to eat ;-)) Dee x

  4. Loooooooooooooove the boots!!! But Oh!!! I haven`t heard anyone saying they were going "mooching" for years! When I was little my mum always told me not to go mooching for the Christmas presents that she had hidden!
    You are so lucky to be able to go and do the mum & daughter shopping thing as my girls are all in the UK. Do you think old Renee from the top of the lane would like to do it with me? He is 76, rides a bike and has no teeth but any port in a storm I say!!!!

  5. Elaine - you are so funny - not! how do you think that I would fit into a 28" waist - we are not all skinny birds like you ! :-)
    T X