Saturday, 11 December 2010

Saturday project

screen 001
As you may have noticed Michael’s desk and my work space are at one end of our sitting room, although I have had a splurge on tidying, it is always in a cluttered state. So just in case we do have any visitors, which is unlikely, and the fact that I am bored stiff being limited to cadging a lift, I set upon a little project.
Take on 4 fold screen and choose some fabric
screen 004screen 003
screen 006
As you may know, I am not a seamstress like a lot of you lovely blogland ladies, so its out with the trusty stapler.
screen 009screen 002screen 008
I think that the lovely paisley maybe a Liberty, the orange is sari, & the grey floral was my french backdrop to my Christmas stalls at the fairs. I haven’t cut anything, just stapled, when I have tidied and moved the ironing and maybe strung some lights across, I think it will make a lovely room divider/screen.


  1. Oh wow Tracey - that looks so pretty. Clever you. I wish I something similar to screen off the piles of 'stuff' that have somehow accumulated in my tiny sitting room during the year. Thank goodness we're going to spend Christmas with Number One son in London. Cx

  2. Looks lovely Tracey, love the fabrics. Looks like Stratford is on, so fingers crossed for the new Year..will let you know and we can have lunch at the little cafe.
    Jo xx

  3. It's gorgeous Tracey as is the picture of you in your header. You look so young :-)

  4. Aww thats great what a fab idea ;-) I love your fabric choice, well done you ;-)) Dee x

  5. Clever girl! Lovely fabrics too!
    Sandie xx

  6. Wow, keep the comments coming, young & talented - moi?!