Sunday, 20 February 2011

ooo la la !!!!

oh lala 001
A parcel arrived for me from France, that I have been lucky enough to “win”!
remember to click to enlarge the pics,
oh lala 002
Not the one item that I expected, but that and lots of individually wrapped parcels????
The lovely lady had obviously felt that I was feeling down last week and had decided to send me a few extras, how exciting!
oh lala 003
Labels & stickers, a sugar bag, and orange (fave colour) little mirror
oh lala 004
pegs & little wooden handles for??
oh lala 005
the back of the photo ( it was lovely of her to include the photo of herself, he he!)
oh lala 006
And of course a bolt of the most beautiful vintage French floral fabric
oh lala 007
Many of you will know the lovely lady, but for those of you that don’t Shirley, from Simply Chateau can be found at the click of a button, she finds the most beautiful things on her truffling hunts over the water.
Shirley you have made my day, although I now have to get crafty, as I have a little idea for some of the bits.


  1. Awww what a lovely gift, i love the fabric thats a real beauty. I hope your feeling much better now, hugs dee x

  2. Lovely Tracey, I too have just won a couple of bits from Shirley, will do a post about them when the other one arrives.
    Jo xx

  3. The perfect tonic - isn't it true that these things turn up just when we need them? Have fun with all those bits and pieces, especially the lovely fabric. I bought some lovely stuff from 'Simply Chateau' at Vintage at the Village, but now I'll have to pop over to the blog!

  4. What a lovely lot of gorgeousness - you are lucky! It is a nice lift to get a suprise through the post!

  5. Wondered where my old school photo had got to!!!

  6. A box of delights! That fabric is gorgeous.

  7. What a lovely thing to do don't parcels cheer you up especially when they are unexpected. I love the fabric I have been trying to steer myself away from pink fabrics and that is such a lovely blue!!

  8. It is a beautiful turqoise and unfortunately I will be cutting it ito fat quarts today, they will be with me at Shepton flea on Sunday....

  9. oh my Ive just found your scrumptious blog - even your header got me hooked with all the fabulous bits and pieces. I Look forward to reading your blog. Scarlett x