Sunday, 13 February 2011

I love Sanderson


When I was younger I had a dislike of pink and florals, I still am not a pink person but do appreciate it, except my fuschia pink clogs, however I love florals and also now LOVE Sanderson.
(I have always hated Ercol furniture and have slightly warmed to it having seen it being used in seaside homes).
In my life as purveyor of textiles and decorative items I always have some Sanderson fabrics, currently I have pink/cream floral curtains, squares & offcuts of various colours, huge floral & birds curtains in pastels, "Lady Windemere fans" huge curtains in navy/gold/cream, little pink floral curtains and other bits 'n' pieces. 

All of the above pictures are taken from Sanderson

 a mixture of curtains, some Sanderson
 a long length (doubled over here) to dress dolly
beautiful fans.
Strangely these are the only current pics that I have....
Do you love Sanderson??


  1. I do indeed, both their classic stuff and the new designs. I have always liked Ercol too, one of their spindle back benches would do me quite nicely, with some '50s atomic print cushions on! Still deliberating over a wallpaper for our bedroom and do quite like the Sanderson one with vines/birds. Hope you're having a good weekend.
    Hen x

  2. My parents used to have some lovely Sanderson curtains....wish I still had them!


  3. Derek's great grandfather was a printer for Sandersons and so it has a place in our hearts. In fact we have just bought some Sanderson wallpaper for the hallway, just a couple of rolls as a feature as the price per roll is silly.
    Your stash of materials looks to die for. I am on a/l soon and will be paying the Old Pill Shop a visit, can't wait.