Thursday, 24 February 2011

Happy today....

 I am now at ease with my curly hair, infact a shake of the head and I am ready to go, I have always been "funky" rather than "glamorous and well groomed", today Flo and I were driving along in the sunshine, do you like my vintage shades?
Today this is a quick post to say that not only does the sunshine make me happy, but so do my new friends that I have met through blogland. Earlier in the week Donna sent me a pressie, today the picture below was sent from Woo, (she has just finished designing her new website, and specialises in designing websites for artistic people) however rather than working she is spending the afternoon helping her friends with their boat, that sounds like bliss to me being a true lover of sea & water. It made me smile. This particular lady listens to me on FB when I have troubles as does Sue and Lizzie.
I would like to say thank you for being so kind to me in the past year or so that I have known you.
Also I would like to say hello to my new followers, I am so pleased to note that I am upto 80, I try to make my posts lovely or interesting and regular for you, thank you.
Enough of this "gushy" stuff, it's not me really!
Have a lovely afternoon
Trixie x


  1. That's a very sweet post :-) Sunshine brings out the loveliness in all things, eh? I like the curly hair and shades - it's good to embrace hair, no matter what it wants to do. I gave up being anything other than a curly mess years ago, when it took far too long to blow dry my hair straight (pre-hair straightener days, of course!).
    As for Ercol - on the whole I like it very much, love the curvy shapes, all very tactile :-)
    Have a lovely weekend - I'm hoping we'll be at the flea, so hope to catch up with you there!
    D x

  2. I have decided that every time I wash my hair now I will leave it to do its own thing, which is to go curly. Mind you I have to resort to the straighteners after the first day as it looks like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards.
    Glad to hear that the sun has put a smile on your face and that you are getting the support you need through the lovely ladies of Blogland.

  3. Your hair looks lovely, Having curly hair myself i never blow dry it i leave it to dry on it own then tip my head up side down scrunch it up put some curly hair gel on it and away i go if you leave it to dry on its own it doesnt go frizzy, just a little tip from a curly haired girl ;-)) I love the sun to can't wait for it to come out and play more. have a lovely weekend, dee x