Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Mabel Lucie Atwell - to chop or not to chop.....

mabel L 010
To chop or not to chop that is the question?
At the weekend I found this little gem,
mabel L 001
the inscription is 1918, now I love old books, and I personally think that they shouldn't be broken up, however as with most things these days it may make financial sennse to do so.
The story pages have printed line drawings that have been coloured with crayon but there are 8 plates.
mabel L 002 
mabel L 004 mabel L 003
mabel L 006 mabel L 005
mabel L 008 mabel L 007
mabel L 011 mabel L 009
A week ago I bought a beautiful oak framed MLA print which will be going to my fairs in March & April,
so which way should I go - split so that I can sell each one individually or keep the book intact and hope that the right person comes along??


  1. I think in this case I would probably split them up.

    I love the look of The Old Pill Factory and hope to get along soon and see the goodies for myself!

  2. Its like when I receive a beautiful linen sheet with a monogramme on do I cut it up or leave it as it is, but no I take scissors to it, and hopefully make lots of pretty things from it for more people to enjoy. But a book I really don't know what I would do, but I do love the illustrations, so maybe you should split it up for all to see rather than it laying in someones collection and hardly ever looked at. Whoops bit of a long comment!!!
    Love your photo in the heading very inviting!

  3. Wow what a marvelous find - you are a lucky girl! I would split them!

  4. Hello Dear
    hhmmmmm ... being one of those folk who is forever bringing home books with lovely illustrations thinking I'll one day put them into individual frames ... you can guess where this is going ... I think it's worth splitting them up. Then as Jill says, more folks will get to enjoy seeing them rather than a book gathering dust on a shelf.
    But I feel your dilemma - it feels like sacrilege, eh?
    D x

  5. Hi Tracey
    This is a hard one! Like you I find it hard to cut things up but if the book is damaged elsewhere then you won't get such a good price for it. Personally I would sell them as individual prints as they are too beautiful to be left in a damaged book and if you sell the complete book someone else will probably take them out and frame them anyway.
    Hope this helps.
    Jo xx

  6. Dear Tracey,
    I love books and I can understand your dilemma but if the book is damaged then it seems as if the decision may have been made for you? Some of those prints would certainly be destined for a nursery wall if framed or a little girls bedroom. Hope this helps or does it confuse!

  7. It is a dilemma, I have had a lovley lady contact me about the book which she would like to keep whole, but she understood that, business wise I will make money by taking the plates out.
    This makes me sad as I would have loved to have sold it to someone who would really appreciate it.

  8. I hate the thought of cutting books up but as people have already said if its damaged then it makes sense to, and they are lovely pictures. dee x

  9. well...or maybe...ummm...err...if its any help, I have a 1939 wallpaper book and the £££s are in splitting it and selling the pages separately, but I can't bear to break it sooo...ummm...xx

  10. Arrrh, that's a tricky one...personallY I couldn't do it , I love old much for it whole, by the way?? I would be interested to add to my collection, sophie

  11. I understand your dilemma having had the same one myself before. I think I would crack and take it apart and frame the prints. That way they will be seen again rather than left on a book shelf somewhere.Let us know what you decide .
    Ann x

  12. Please don't cut it up. It is a book, remember. Wait a while, take your time, see who wants to buy it. You might be surprised because it looks very collectable to me.
    Lynda Armstrong publisher.....

  13. Hello Tracey,
    I saw photos of the old pill
    factory, how wonderful!
    I think I will come in April on a tour,
    you're there in store? I'd like to meet you.
    A hug