Saturday, 26 February 2011

The Cotswolds

the old pill factory today 037
When I drive to Witney, I go across the top of the Cotswolds, from The Vale of Evesham, past Broadway, through Stow on the Wold, through Burford and onto Witney, one day I will post pictures of these ancient Sheep trading towns.
Today as the sky was quite menacing I thought that I would show you one of my favourite views.
the old pill factory today 035
the old pill factory today 037
Nothing out of the ordinary and no great sweeping vista, but a humble row of trees, the ones above are on the left hand side of the road, below, on the right hand side. You can only see this view when travelling from Stow to Broadway not in the other direction.
Through the winter the skeletons of these trees have been so beautiful and depending on the weather the picture can be so different.
Today the bright green against the clouds was really striking, I hope that you enjoy this view as much as I do.
the old pill factory today 038
the old pill factory today 040
the old pill factory today 041
the old pill factory today 042
the old pill factory today 043
A little further on and we noticed a hunt, The North Cotswold I expect. Although I am a country girl through and through I have never been a hunt follower, however I do believe that we should be allowed to keep certain traditions and the people that generally argue against hunting do not understand how the countryside works and that it needs to be managed. Since Tom has been at Sparsholt college I have learnt a lot more about how animals suffer if numbers are allowed to go uncontrolled and with increasingly bad winters, how they can starve to death, enough of that though, please enjoy a picture of English tradition that these people are fighting to keep alive.
the old pill factory today 046
the old pill factory today 045
the old pill factory today 047
Lastly, on the way back through the next village to where we live is this beautiful Cotswold stone house, it is now converted into apartments but back in the 70’s my Grampy owned it. I remember going in there before it was sold & any renovations, it was beautiful.
the old pill factory today 049
I do hope that you enjoyed my journey home.
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T x


  1. These photos are beautiful! Wonderful photography!

  2. Lovely photography and the house your Grampy owned is stunning, love the Cotswold stone.
    Jo xx

  3. Great photos, Tracey. Nothing more English then a stand of bare trees along a hedge row against a threatening sky. Agree absolutely about hunting - I never have although I rode as a child, but there are more reasons to keep this tradition going than chasing a fox (not that they can these days), and without hunting what would happen to the packs of beautiful fox hounds?

  4. Love the Cotswolds that's where we stay when we come to England. I agree about keeping the hunt.

  5. Lovely photos of such a beautiful part of England - like you not an avid follower of the hunt but do realise how it is part of our heritage.

  6. Just discovered your blog, what fantastic photos! I fully agree with your comments about fox hunting and managing the countryside. I sponsor a foxhound (called Greedy!) to help with the upkeep of a breed that goes back hundreds of years.
    The Cotswolds look a beautiful place to live.