Monday, 7 February 2011

The Old Pill Factory today……..

The Old Pill Factory 7th Feb 11 001
Sorry the light was very poor today.
Just a quick blog tonight, I am up at 4.30am tomorrow to go to Honiton for
honiton 001
So my pictures of the ever changing Old Pill Factory are in a different format, don’t forget to double click to enlarge.
The two with the tea cups were taken in Whitards in Witney, I just loved the simple display, I went in to buy green tea to make my mint tea a la Marrakech, and I ended up buying white tea and jasmine tea after sampling some, when I am at home on Wednesday I will be experimenting.
Nighty nighty, maybe I will see you tomorrow?!


  1. How I wish that I could go to the show but alas work prevents as does the school run. That is the problem when things are mid week but then again there is always a problem with week-ends as well! Don't envy the early start. Let's hope it doesn't rain and that you discover many lovely things.

  2. Nighty night too....I am up early for a Fair tomorrow but not quite that early....Hope you have a good day.
    Julie x

  3. hope you have/had a good day

    Will send you new flyer for the Vintage Village Hall 9th May to replace the last years sidebar


  4. Oh, I love tea! Don't like coffee - it gives me the shakes - what a lightweight I am !!
    White tea is fab, and jasmine delightful - you're going to have fun sampling your new flavours!

    I hope you've had a good day today and that the sunshine was kind to you :-)

    See you soon,
    D x
    PS: I'm doing all my blogging on the tutorial blog now!

  5. How wonderful that photo collage
    the Old pill factory, between a little coming!
    See you soon
    P.S. I'll let you know the day, thanks