Friday, 4 February 2011

French fabric & English quilts

newark fabric 002
really huge pair of navy/gold/cream Sanderson curtains
newark fabric 003
The lady that we bought these 1930/40's quilts/coverlets from thinks that some of the beautiful floral chintz's used could be from the "Silver Studio", on close scrutiny they are all so very pretty, most of the colours are still very bright. Lots of gorgeous raspberry.
newark fabric 004
newark fabric 005
newark fabric 006
newark fabric 007
newark fabric 008
newark fabric 009
newark fabric 010
newark fabric 011
newark fabric 012
newark fabric 013
newark fabric 014
newark fabric 015
The second has more gold and orange pieces
newark fabric 016
The reverse of both have very wide borders that could be unpicked, and the backing is a dark pink damask/marcella type fabric.
newark fabric 017
newark fabric 018
newark fabric 019
newark fabric 020
newark fabric 021
newark fabric 022
newark fabric 023
newark fabric 024
newark fabric 025
newark fabric 026
Some cushions of 50's fabric
newark fabric 027
A huge French quilt
newark fabric 028
newark fabric 029
A little French padded pelmet
newark fabric 030
A huge faded pale blue/lilac/black/cream stripe heavy cotton, currently heading for my own fabric cupboard
newark fabric 031
newark fabric 032
lots of French floral chintz, dating from late 19thC to 1950's
newark fabric 033
newark fabric 034
newark fabric 035
newark fabric 036
newark fabric 037
newark fabric 038
newark fabric 039
newark fabric 040
newark fabric 041
newark fabric 042
A beautiful cushion front very delicate but oh la la.
newark fabric 043
All of these lovely fabrics & quilts will be coming to my vintage fairs in March & April, please look at my side bar for info.
Totnes Vintage Mix
The Original Vintage & Handmade
Textile Day @ The Dairy House
The Vintage Bazaar
Now to the pricing and again to chop or not to chop? Some of the fabrics are in long lengths and will prove to be quite expensive, so should I make them smaller and so more enticing pricewise?
 Like books I hate to cut fabric!


  1. Lovely finds Tracey! Unlike books, fabric was made to be cut!


  2. OOH Tracey I think I am going to be heading over to your stand to have a little rummage amongst some of those gorgeous quilts and fabrics. I love the French quilt and the delicate cushion front in the last picture...scrummy!!
    Jo xx

  3. What an absolutely wonderful treasure trove of goodies. Lovely finds!

  4. Your poor head must be spinning with all of dilemmas...
    Gorgeous finds Tracey...looking forward to seeing you at the Fairs and having a good old butchers at all your wonderful stock. x

  5. Great finds Tracey, especially the padded pelmet and the French quilt.....I would have bought those too.
    Sad though it is, you can often get more for a long length of fabric if you cut it into smaller pieces....
    Julie x

  6. oh, what a lovely batch of fabrics- absolutely NOTHING there that I wouldn't want at home for myself!
    Get chopping girlie...

    bun'n'dave xx

  7. did that make sense..nothing that I wouldn't?
    too much wine too early (hic!)
    absolutely EVERYTHING there that I would want :))

  8. wow lovely things where have you been ?? have you been across the water ? look forward to seeing you soon xxLinda

  9. No Linda I bought it all at Newark on Thursday, although I am hoping to get over to France this year, we have a very nice friend, Shirley who has invited us. Michael will love the food markets!