Friday, 1 April 2011



silks 002

silks 003

silks 004

Vintage silks from an outfitter in Epsom, these make fantastic tops over a pair of jeans.

They will be being modeled by Dolly at the Vintage and Handmade and The Dairy House Textile & Costume Fair


  1. I was at York races last May and remarked to R that the jockeys were the best dressed people there.

  2. I love the pink one....just wish I could wear jeans!!
    Jo xx

  3. WOW !!! They are wonderful aren`t they? I think Tedandbunny should most definitely wear one when out on Bruce!!

    Yee har !!

  4. Yes Shirley I have the caps as well, perhaps Miss Bunny would sport one of those on her hard hat!

  5. Called in at the Old Pill Factory on Wednesday...all very tasteful and attractively laid out, so refreshing compared to other "Antique" Centres.
    Great silks by the way... mine is the pale blue with jeans.....
    Julie x

  6. I want all of them, but as I shan't see you until Frome I expect they'll have done a runner by then!