Thursday, 31 March 2011

floral quilts

newark fabric 003newark fabric 004

The photos do not do justice to these fabulous bedcovers. The 1930’s floral chintz’s used are very pretty and the lady that we bought them from was certain that they could be “Silver Studio” fabrics.

The Silver Studio (1880-1963) was founded by Arthur Silver, designed some of the most famous textiles, wallpaper & metal work for the likes of Liberty, Sanderson etc.

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous fabrics Tracey, I love Chintz. I love how the bright fabrics contrast with the black.
    Jo xx

  2. Oh my word. Such beautiful, vibrant fabrics.

  3. OH I'm in love with that navy/orangy one with magnolias.. what a fabric pattern!♥

  4. The designs do have that Silver Studio touch about them. Its amazing that they've kept their colours after all these years. I suppose they must have been tucked away and treasured or used in a very dark bedroom!

  5. Really nice that they haven't faded. What plans do you have for them?

  6. Lovely fabrics ans so bright still, Have a lovely weekend, dee x