Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Should we have taken the van????

Mmmm, well when Mum and I went to Newark we took the van and what we bought wouldn't have filled the boot of my hatchback!
So to nip to Swinderby, we won't bother taking the van, good move! haha!
We had a good morning buying a small cabriole legged desk, a painted pine c.o.d, two 11/2 high backed benches, a 1950's rose covered table, triple fold clothes horse, textiles, cushions, lamps......
if we had taken the van.... I spotted a lovely big pine c.o.d and a washstand. However we stopped buying just in time.
We made it home intact and vowed to take the van next time!


  1. That is Murphy's Law for you!

    If you'd taken the van you wouldn't have found anything!


  2. I always make sure I have a good buying day by NOT taking the truck!
    If I've got enough room to get it home I never find it...so I take the smaller vehicle and end up having to sweet-talk someone reasonably local to find room in their van for a huge piece of furniture!
    Last time it was 3 French iron day beds...

  3. I second what Janelle says...always take the Van ;-)) dee x

  4. He he girls, I know that I should but I do agree with Miss Bunny, if you don't have the van you buy lots! It's the same as money if I only have a little I see loads, if I have wads there is never anything to buy!!!!

  5. Isn't that always the way?!! Glad you got some goodies and lovely to see the bag I sent you getting good use ;-)