Wednesday, 2 March 2011

T G Green Cornishware

cornishware 003
Just a quick blog this morning, I have these lovely TG Green Cornishware storage jars.
Of you didn’t know, the Cornishware was first produced to evoke memories of the beautiful bright sky and sea of Cornwall.
Now highly collectable, I found list the Brown Sugar as rarely found, sago quite hard to find and sultanas and rice quite common.
I will be listing them for sale later today.
Have a lovely day, even if you are in grey old England!


  1. I love that cornish ware. It is reminiscent of Cornwall. I also like the pale yellow version.

  2. Cornishware is a real country kitchen classic & never dates. Nice to find the unusual ones.

  3. These are great! What a wonderful collection!

  4. I love Cornishware, these will become v. sought after now the stuff is being made in China.

  5. I love Cornishware too. Hope your lovely son Tom has a great 17th today. My Tom was 17 yesterday.
    Karen X