Thursday, 28 April 2011

Will Cinders go to the ball?

cabinet 001

cabinet 002

Will Cinders go to the ball?

I haven’t decided what to take The Vintage Bazaar in Frome on Saturday, I did think of doing a more interiors stand with furniture & lighting, but as space is tight I may have to keep this idea until Vintage at the Village Hall.

Decisions, decisions!!??


  1. That is a beautiful kitchen cabinet. I am lusting after it - big time! Good luck on Saturday.

  2. I know that dilemma well...each Fair is different and what to take often results in "decisions...decisions" here too.
    Have a good day on Saturday...
    Julie x

  3. but you've only booked a 3ft space this time...

    haha! only joking!!

    I love your Interiors styling, and that type of stand is such fun to put together isn't it.
    Do you find lights sell in the summer? When I did fairs I always found lights went like hot cakes as soon as the days were darker but no-one ever bought them when it was bright outside!

    I've always wanted one of those cabinets, I hope you can bring it and then I can drool "in person" Unfortunately in our little house it would be classed as a spare room!

    See you Saturday, and your stand will look FABULOUS whatever you choose

  4. The cabinet looks fabulous - built stuff to last in those days, didn't they? Hope the decision comes to you easily and that you have a good day selling!

  5. I wish you luck in your decision-making! We had to load the car this afternoon. I assembled about 80% of what I really wanted to take, thinking I'd been very clever. Then G took one look and said, "You'll have to reduce that by 30% to fit in the car let alone the stand". So lots of lovely stuff had to go back into the store with me muttering curses under my breath. But it does mean that I will have lots of unseen stuff for Vintage at the Village Hall so hopefully a win-win situation. See you Saturday!

  6. I love these kitchen cupboards; I have a smaller one myself and its my pride and joy.

  7. What a cracker! You find the most tempting retro ... still love my table XXX Lesley

  8. Hope you've made up your mind now Tracey! See you in the morning,
    Niki x

  9. If I had room, Cinders would be in my kitchen right now! She's deligthful!
    It was so very lovely to see you today, though briefly :-) Thank you for your lovely words, even if you brought tears to my eyes ;-)
    Have restful bank holiday weekend,
    big hugs to you!
    D x

  10. You girls over there have the CUTEST things to sell! Why do I have to live so far, far away? If I were in England, I'd make the trip to your sale! Cute cabinet!! Oh yes, decisions, decisions. I have a space at an antique mall and it can be a tad bit daunting to figure out just what to keep and what to sell.

    Thanks for the visit!