Monday, 18 April 2011

gardeny/brocanty styley

 Now that Spring has sprung I have sorted out some bits for my fairs this weekend, gardeny/brocantey styley!
I am going to have a deckchair display, with stools and windbreaks, all in their original vintage stripes.
 On the beach theme, the "Pebble" tables will be travelling to the West Country

French drawers that I bought for myself (on a whim), I had grand ideas for them, but  I think I should pass them on to someone who won't just store them in the barn "waiting for the day....!"
Wholecloth French bedcover
Beautiful garden embroidery cushion
And as the Exeter Brocante finishes slightly earlier in the afternoon I hope that the weather will be nice enough for us to drive to Exmouth or nearby for a little time on the beach, before we head on back towards Shepton.


  1. Lovely retro deckchairs - and a gorgeous cushion. I won't comment on your French drawers!

  2. Loving the chippy paint on the drawers and that gorgeous cushion.
    Jo xx

  3. The work that must have gone into that cushion! Beautiful. The deck chairs should fly with this weather!

  4. Oh I do like to be beside the seaside ... Oh, I do like to be beside the sea ... We used to have two of those deckchairs - well, not the same ones but you know what I mean - very nostalgic.
    As stated above love that cushion!

  5. I think I've entered the Twilight Zone Tracey what with all the earlier stuff and now the deckchairs. Though I've only got a simple one without arms. See you at Shepton on Sunday!

  6. I really do like those pebble tables hope they go to a good home. I love my vintage deck chair it makes me smile, love your's all lined up ;-) hope all goes well for you, dee x

  7. no pics of you on the beach sitting in your deckchair, shivering behind the windbreak in your knitted cossie with a knotted hankie on your head...or is that just a "Bournemouth" thing?! (and an unfortunate childhood memory!!)

  8. ps I forgot to say
    oooh la la madame- I love your drawers!