Saturday, 2 April 2011

ready to wear.

marrakech 2011 088marrakech 2011 087 

On our travels last year we saw a number of beautiful costumes, the first four were from Morocco.

They are wedding gowns and of one size fits all, worn with a belt. The colours and damask are still bright, I think they were from 16th/17th century, but I may be wrong, possibly earlier but not much later, I must remember to take notes as my memory is shocking!

marrakech 2011 089marrakech 2011 090

The next three were found in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, again lovely embroidery and jewel colours again.


Then the modern day displays

marrakech 2011 036

and lastly an unusual display in “Le Jardin Marjorelle”, Moroccan slippers in Liberty prints (too expensive for my pockets).

marrakech 2011 053


  1. Wow ...your like me you love your colour!...keep trying to go all white and serene and minimalist...then I'll see a patchwork quilt and thats that... the house is bonkers again!!!! Just can't resist.
    Lovely colourful clothes xx

  2. Beautiful fabrics and prints and I want a pair or two of those Liberty print Moroccan slippers.
    Jo xx

  3. I would gladly swap my boring sheepskin slippers for a pair of those Moroccan beauties.. though they are far too pretty to wear and would look fabulous hung on a wall .. all of them!
    See you next weekend.. looking forward to it.
    Michele x

  4. Oh oh oh oh oh!!!! I love those slippers, I want those slippers! No.....I NEED those slippers, all of them.