Monday, 1 February 2010

The day after......

Well I am glad to report that the flea market at Malvern was a success for me (I should say us, as Michael was with me all of the way). The weather, which is always a little suspect, as the showground is directly under the hills, can change from one minute to the next, however, it was sunny although icy cold.
We drove into the cattle sheds in about the position that I had hoped for, we had booked a twenty foot pitch and so had plenty of room, I like to display my stock almost like a shop and with furniture, chandeliers, textiles, clothes, china etc it was just the job. I like to have a rectangular horseshoe shape that encourages people to walk in, with interest at the front.
Fortunately the lady next door (Sarah from Cardiff) was really nice, it always makes a difference when you are not next to a grumpy dealer who squeezes into your space and creates an atmosphere!
I didn't manage to get pictures to start with because dealers came to buy from the start, I didn't think that we would sell to trade as people I know that stand regularly told me that it is the public that buy, well we were lucky to have both, but the photo opportunities suffered as stock "flew off the shelves". The light was difficult so some of the pictures are a little washed out, but I think that you can get the idea.
Jayne (, came around with her arm in a sling, her poor fingers didn't look too cold, and she had her man with her to carry her purchases, which is always handy(no pun intended), it was nice to say hello.
Michael (who is a novice at fairs) was great at selling and so I left him to it, only helping if he asked, he is very good with people, especially the ladies! I had a visit from a lady who liked my stall and asked if I would like to stand at the Vintage & Craft fair in Worcester on 13th February ( I will be visiting with a view to joining them in the future, as I am now trying to find more fairs to do.
Michael told me that my stand was popular and there were some compliments, one lady said that she thought my stand was the nicest at the fair!(thank you).
Later in the afternoon I had a lovely lady, who didn't give me her name (I will call you the pink clock lady) but recognised me/my stand from my blog which she found from Niki ( Niki, this lady has visited your shop already and her Mother bought the jug & bowl that featured in your pics of the shop.
We, (I know that I have changed half way through, I spent so many years doing things by myself, and I keep forgetting that I have someone who wants to help me and that I am now part of a "we" and should include Michael in my comments), We enjoyed our day and sold lots of things and met some friendly people and we are looking forward to February 21st, the next Malvern flea Market. I will be doing similar however I am aiming for a spring flowers look with Redoute prints, floral textiles, and gardening paraphenalia and furniture. I have lots of stripey deckchairs, terracotta pots etc.....
The only thing that I would have liked to have sold was one of the beautiful chandeliers that my artist mother has created, we had a lot of interest but no actual sale, I have include some pictures but the backdrop is awful and the light poor so they are not at their best.
However the pics do attempt to show the lovely antique crystals, murano glass, vintage beads etc that she uses to upcycle and transform into unique pieces.
I mentioned to Sarah that I wanted to add a few more fairs to my repertoire and she mentioned Kempton which I will be looking into. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know?! Thanks.
I hope that your weekends were as positive as mine.
Oh yes and thank you to my newest follower, the Vintage gardener, its lovely to have gained another!


  1. 'twas nice to see you! glad it went well - you had some lovely things!


  2. Hi tracey, glad you had a good day, it all looked fab! Would you like a stall at our event in October (in the warm!) it is on the 30th in the Cheese & Grain in Frome.
    lizzie x

  3. Hi Tracey - Glad your day was a success. Love the chandelier. Sorry there's no room for you at the Dairy House event this time, but if we hold it again ...
    Sue x

  4. Sounds like you had a great day. I've never managed to get to Malvern although I've heard so many good things about it. Glad to hear you're interested in Liz and I's new fair..should be great!