Friday, 5 February 2010

All the best laid plans .........

Well today I was going to get up early and nip up to Cirencester to check out the weekly antiques fair to see if I should try to get a stand there?!, they run a Homes & Garden bazaar there on a Wednesday which I am going to look at next week as I missed this week.

However we were woken by a phone call, from a neighbour of Michael's mum, Sheila.
Sheila had fallen over at 4am and banged her head, had waited until after 6am to phone a neighbour, who in turn phoned us at 6.50am, Sheila hadn't wanted to bother anyone!
After a trip to casualty and 4 stitches later, Sheila is now with me at home as she shouldn't be left alone for 48 hours just in case!
Michael's one sister lives close by and could have her mum tomorrow, but she has gone shopping - NY!
Not that it is a problem that Sheila is with us, but as I don't go out a lot, I had some lovely trips lined up this weekend, Cirencester today, Worcester for the Vintage fair tomorrow, and carbooty Sunday!
Anyway as my camera is currently at the Changing of the Guard and then moving onto the Houses of Parliament, its posting time again! Knowing that my camera was away, I took some pics of a little book that I bought the other day. I am awful at needlework and my eye was caught at these beautiful stiches, the first one reminded me of the lovely intricate work that Hens Teeth ( produces.

I hope that you enjoy looking.

Have a lovely weekend, whatever you are doing.


  1. Oh dear! I do hope Sheila is getting over her ordeal.


  2. Beautiful stitchery! Hope all Ok now... take care, Lizzie x