Monday, 22 February 2010

Thank you....

After a dodgy start weatherwise, we had a reasonably busy day again at Malvern.
This month I had decided on "Spring", and went for a yellow/floral/garden look to the stand.
I have collected lots of floral prints and a lovely watercolour of a Somerset garden, some lovely Colefax & Fowler rose curtains, and some beautifully made yellow with cabbage roses G & J P Baker bedcovers, they contain a large amount of fabric that would make lovely curtains or cushions.
I always have fresh flowers in my displays and this month I had white & purple hyacinths in a large glass jar (I could have sold loads of these), clipped box (buxus), and had brightly coloured polyanthus in Colman's mustard and Lyle's treacle tins.
The lovely Dolly attracts positive comments and she is a good advertisement, however she doesn't seem to sell anything, I dressed her in two lovely organza pinnies, the top one a lovely peachy/apricot floral, the other white, full french maid style, maybe people don't realise that the items are for sale? I have had to repremand her that if she doesn't start paying her way, her place on the middle seat of the van will be given over to something else, preferably a bit more space for me!
The embroidery on this cloth is beautiful
Again I would like to say thank you for the Ladies that visited me and made such positive comments.
Jane & Mr C from Country Cottage chic,( left some cards for the next Vintage & Handmade fair, and also bought a few bits as pressies, can't say what!
I met some Vintage ladies that follow/are bloggers - hello!
I can't wait for the next Malvern (April) as I truly hope that it will be Spring like by then?!
Thanks again if you were one of my customers or an admirer, see you next time.
P.s. I am trying to picture things for the lovevintagehomestyle blog shop, in the mean time if you have seen a little something that you want to ask about, please feel free to get in touch - thanks. T


  1. Twas nice to see you again! The pressies went down very well with Miss C! There were a lot less sellers this time - hopefully the weather will be better by April.


  2. Your things are lovely and beautifully displayed, can't wait to see you in Northampton.
    Ann x

  3. Looks like you had some lovely things for sale!

  4. It all looked great, lots of VERY tempting goodies! xx