Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Fancy a posh coffee?

Yesterday I looked at the mess of stuff stacked everywhere, and unlike my true character, (OCD - everything has to be in its place & displayed beautifully - as suggested to me by Sarah at the weekend! and she doesn't know me), I decided to go out on a trawl rather than stay in and tidy. Sorry about the pictures, the light is poor today.

Hi there, firstly I would like to apologise if this blog appears in any way strange, because the posting bit seems to be a bit whacky today (or is it me?!)

The idea of the posh coffee came to me because today I wanted something more than builders tea but less than the nice thick Spanish hot chocolate that I keep for very cold days. I hit upon coffee (which I hardly ever drink because it kicks in about 8 hours after I've drunk it & for a girl that likes her sleep thats not good!)
So here it is made with half hot milk/hot water, vanilla extract & freshly whipped cream, I expect if I had bought it in town in a fancy coffee bar it would have cost me £3, so it was a bargain!
As far as it keeping me awake, I have to go to Tom's last (I hope?!) parents evening tonight!

Some lovely floral/Easter tea towels, yellow gingham, floral chintz pj's, wooden painted dressing table set, I don't usually buy the Woods utility china but this pale yellow colour was lovely and I understand that some of you "Vintage ladies" love it?!
I have pictured it on some stripey/floral fabric, which has a little story. Last week when I went into town I had a mooch in DP's, they have a nice vintage vibe going on, good,good. I saw this dress but didn't have any money on me so I thought I would come back in the week (I would love to wear vintage but being 16 top/12 bottom I am the wrong shape). So I went in yesterday and searched high & low, called two sales girls over, neither of whom could find or recall said dress, one even suggested that perhaps I had seen it in another shop?, the audacity! I certainly know where I had seen it, they must have sold out!
Mmmm it was in Peacocks!!!!!
The mens jacket below was something that I wouldn't usually buy to sell but when I found it I thought that the lining made it!
I have gained another follower, Clare, who along with Lizzie is arranging a new fair in Frome (
Thanks again to all of my ladies, it gives me a real buzz to know that you enjoy my pics & ramblings!

I would like to thank Funky Monkey for my first award and promise that I will pass it on, the problem is that I may be duplicating the award, so I have to have a browse and think, but will be doing it soon. It will be towards the end of the week when my Mum goes off to stay in London with her friend Theresa,they stay with her daughter in Pimlico, my camera is going but I am not - unfortunatly! So I will be looking through my old pics to post.
The paragraphs are out of sync , I do hope that you get the idea?!


  1. Ooh I could just do with one of your 'posh' coffees!

  2. Lovely posh coffee, really made me fancy one but it's a bit late for me to have one now.
    I just found you via the vintage bazar site.
    Love your stall photos.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  3. posh coffee at home is always a bargain!
    great new finds too.