Monday, 8 February 2010

new to allotments!

I have been very lucky in that my Mum gave me a portion of her beautiful daffodil orchard to turn into an allotment.
Mum has grown stuff all of her life, she now concentrates on her roses as she is bringing back to life my Gran's rose garden.
I have not made my allotment as productive as it should be, strawberries (loads), potatoes, herbs, parsnips, onions & shallots (which I pickled for Tom for Christmas, he has hidden the jars from Michael), leeks, raspberries, herbs, squash, celeriac, globe artichoke (just for decoration & I want a cardoon to plant by the millpond) and cut & come again leaves. However I can not get carrots to grow and still have a lot of time when I am not producing anything!
The answer I thought is to have a look at some gardening blogs, so I have added a few to my list, however I still have yet to find a really helpful one that will inspire me to cultivate! So please help me, if you have a blog that is inspirational but not too highbrow, will you let me know?
I did have help last year from the nursery (GROW) where I had a part-time job, unfortunatly I have had to take a step back from there as I have increased my vintage activities, but Matt is always very helpful and happy to give advice.
My other main problem is motivation, like making the trek to the local swimming pool, it is hard to be enthusiastic and get out there in this weather - and its started SNOWING AGAIN!!!!!

The pictures in this blog have been taken by me last year, my camera still being in London! I do think that they are nicer than looking at more snow pics though!?


  1. It's lovely to see your cheerful sunny photos in the middle of this gloomy weather. Growing your own fruit and veg is so rewarding but such hard work. We did it for a few years but gradually other things have taken our time. last year all we grew were tomatoes, courgettes, shallots and some salad stuff. We still had a great crop of soft fruit though which sees us through until Spring.
    My soon to be 16 year old daughter just spotted your handsome son over my shoulder. She informed me he looks just like the actor Jamie Campbell from the Twilight movie. She showed me his picture on google images so I could see what she means, hopefully he will take it as a compliment.
    Ann x

  2. Your post gives me hope... I am looking for signs of spring here, but they are buried under 4 feet of snow! I did however hear a flock of geese flying by and so it must be true! (Very nice to meet a kindred soul by the way).
    xo Victoria