Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Special delivery!

How wonderful this morning, to not wake upto a grumpy teenangel, but to a chirpy one bringing a parcel from the postman! I have been waiting since last week for this package!

Last week whilst browsing my favourite blogs I happened upon Floss's lovely Troc Broc & Recup, on which she had posted some lovely finds on the Troc & Broc Vintage shop(http://www.trocbroc.blogspot.com/). I always usually come across the items for sale after they have sold however my luck was in!
So I waited until the teenangel went out (as he would wonder about his mother's eccentric ritual) and slowly unwrapped, layer by layer, somewhat reminiscent of pass the parcel without the parcel ever having to leave my hands!

The outer envelope exclaimed that it was "prioritaire" Republique Francaise", so I knew! Inside was a layer of bubble with enticing glimpses of what was inside, a map? buttons? in the words of Nessa "whats occuring?"

Bubble removed, it appeared that not only sending me my lovely purchases Floss had taken the time to inventively wrap them in French road maps, this was an added bonus to me as I collect maps and will add them to the others!

After that down to my abjects of desire, something else that I collect, fabric covered boxes, this one in lovely orange and purple florals with an original b&w paper lining, holding another little parcel, (is it my birthday?)

Some time ago at the last Vintage & Handmade fair in Chipping Sodbury I had bought some old French stripey satin ribbon and had made rosettes from them, I sold a couple at Malvern and have had an idea for a while (YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THAT I DO NOT LIKE FOOTBALL) that being a World cup year, chances are that the patriotic thing will be huge (even though the English tend to use the UNION flag and not the flag of St. George), so when I saw the next bits I thought that dicerning ladies who wish to be patriotic/nautical but with style might like rosettes made with these,

I was going to start clearing the garden today, but as I am at Malvern on Sunday these will be my prioritaire!

As for the lovely box, I will add it to my old peeling yellow painted c.o.d. with some of my other boxes where it will hold strings of beads that I have bought in India, Kathmandu, Sinai, oh and some old pearls of my Gran's which all compliment the box beautifully. I could not picture them in situ as the light is poor again today, but I think you can understand why I have had to indulge myself this morning!

My last picture is of the beautiful pair of shoes that Michael bought from Totnes for me for Christmas, I haven't worn them yet as it is still too wet but I thought that I would show them to you, they are incredibly comfy (Hush Puppies) yes, I was surprised aswell!

I hope that you all have something lovely happen to you today.

Thanks Floss,