Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Malvern Flea Market preparations.........

Sunday has at last come round, I know that lots of you have already done one or two or three fairs already this year, but I have yet to get back into the swing of things, after many years away from the fairs.
Today I decided that I needed to have a look at the smalls, I have all of my textiles, clothes, furniture, chandeliers displays sorted but not the bits & bobs.
So here are some pics of my kitchen with the "before", I will post some hopefully really lovely pics from my stand on Sunday, hopefully before everything sells out!
this ladder will be transformed into a stunning set of shelves, I am taking this instead of the lovely cupboard that Michael converted for me
Daisy & Flo were not interested!


  1. It all looks soooo tempting & lovely. We had a good weekend at Shepton despite the cold! Jack needs to buy stock for the Dairy House.. hence the proposed trip to Malvern.. weather update would be much appreciated! Lizzie x

  2. we will be at malvern on sunday so hopefully i'll find you there!


  3. so, is that like location, location, location in vintage-speak? Have a brilliant day tomorrow.
    Lizzie x
    bloomin' cold here too!