Wednesday, 6 January 2010

snowed in....and miss pom pom!

We had up until a few days ago missed all of the snow and really bad weather, Christmas week in Brixham was bright with some frost, but nothing like being in the Cotswolds as we are now.
Our tiny village has two exits, both on slopes and at junctions of roads where people drive too fast to give you a chance. Anyway because of the slopes and lack of salt/grit etc we are trapped (mechanically).
Michael and I walked to the next village this morning as I needed to post an application form for Tom, (he is hoping to study at Sparsholt College in Hampshire after his GCSE's). When we arrived at the shop, they had a few hot pasties left, so guess who indulged, I didn't have the camera out of my pocket quickly enough to record this event!
We took the dogs (Flo, and her friends Minnie & Daisy), who all love the snow.......
poor Flo has shaggy fur and she became clogged up with snow, (like sheep dags), she found it very difficult to run and even ended up walking as though she had her jumper on with broomsticks stuck up the sleeves, it was so funny! Michael being the kind soul that he is kept brushing her down. I just decided to call her Miss Pom Pom !
Walking back the view over the millpond of Mum's house and my potting shed seems a long way removed from the springtime, when the allotment and gardens are full of daffs & tulips & muscari & catkins etc, the only thing thriving in my veg patch at the moment are parsnips & celeriac!
And lastly, a field full of .... frozen veg!

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