Friday, 8 January 2010

Fredsworld and new kitchens.....

I have only been blogging for a few months and had come to believe that the area of interest that I follow was only populated by like-minded arty, vintagey ladies who (surprisingly to me) are all very friendly!
I write my blog to join in, and have wondered if I should unleash my sense of humour and cynicism into this world?! as I don't always see things through rose coloured spectacles. I have today found a very amusing and male blog - FREDSWORLD (, do go and look, he makes a lot of comments that perhaps do pass fleetingly through our own minds?!
On the kitchen front, my mum is having the whole of her house slowly renovated and yesterday, having been given advice/info/brochures from her builder, asked me to help her design her new kitchen as we think along the same lines and I understand what she wants. Hurray!
Apart from my vast archive of images that I store in my head my inspiration may come from "Recycled Home" by the Baileys.

I hate wall cupboards and although we will have to have base units, a very large armoire will take pride of place for the collection of pretty china and a large cupboard for a pantry.
I am so excited and will keep you posted of before and after! In the meantime have a look at my inspiration.......

The bed is also a Bailey's picture and as my son keeps moaning about wanting a wooden double, I think that this may inspire him, he is perfectly capable of making it, being a teenager does he have the motivation?!
The last kitchen pic is from this month's Coast magazine which the postie just delivered with a load of nasty envelopes, so when I finish here it's tea and biscuits, blanket and sofa, and Coast.

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  1. Have a look at Happy loves Rosie's blog. Think Fred is her man! So he's linked to the arty vintagey ladies!An dhas your Country Living arrived yet as mine hasn't !