Wednesday, 25 May 2011


The Old Pill Factory 30 Jan 11 007

One of the reasons that I haven’t posted much in the last week is that from this weekend I will be expanding my empire at The Old Pill Factory and I have been busy sorting fixtures & fittings & stock.

The Old Pill Factory 7th Feb 11 001

My unit, in the foreground will now extend to the far end, past the stable wall. I will have more space to play with and am trying for a “less is more” look, but that probably won’t happen.

topf 13 may 010topf 001

The stable wall is coming out and Michael is adding some fixtures & electrics so that I can display my chandeliers more easily, I have acquired quite a few recently, all of which my Mum has fiddled with and re-strung. We should have quite a display of lighting, including the table lamps that M has been converting from old oil cans and other objets! I will be putting my whole fabric stock in along with lots of interesting items that I have come across as well as pretty & useful furniture.

V@TVH 008
topf 13 may 012

If he works hard and doesn’t argue, M may get a treat!!

buddleigh 017

So please keep with me, lots of photos will follow, oh and the promised giveaway!


  1. Good luck with the unit, it will look great with all the chandeliers and table lamps.
    Don't forget, a treat keeps a man sweet!
    Abby x

  2. An expanding empire - how exciting! I have definitely got to add the Old Pill Factory on my must visit when I come to the west country in July.

  3. How exciting! I love a sparkly chandelier too, although my absolute favourite is a painted tin one I picked up in France before we came over here. Lucky M!

  4. Wonderful shop!! I am so pleased to see pics at last on my old PC the pics on your blog wouldnt show hsve new PC and here are your pics yay.Now I will go back to old posts ha ha

  5. Good luck with it all ;-)) dee x

  6. Good luck with the expansion. As for 'less is more' I've got absolutely no idea what it means.