Friday, 6 May 2011

The Old Pill Factory today…

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What lovely calm relaxing colours, a Ladies boudoir or as I see it a day bed on a verandah in Savannah on a warm evening waiting for a young Paul Newman to arrive for mint juleps…………

sorry off in my dreamworld again, and here was me thinking that I could be Maggie the Cat!!


  1. ha! would you believe we had mint juleps the year before last, on a verandah just outside Savannah- in Charleston!
    Very nice they were too, and Southern hospitality is just like Gone with the Wind, but I didn't see Paul Newman

  2. Couldn`t you just flump in that bed right there where it is?!!!! Would make for an interesting window though!!

  3. Oh good, you are waiting for Paul, that means Sean is free to climb onto my verandah... yeah! x