Monday, 2 May 2011

Tomorrow I will be……..

honiton 001

in Honiton with some more patchwork bedcovers, beautiful antique linens, floral cushions, beaded bags and other textiley bits n pieces. The hall will be full of stalls of like minded Ladies with all sorts of lovely textiles and accessories.

the old pill factory today 045

So whilst Mum and I are busy at the fair, I have asked Florence to think hard about our giveaway gift, as at last count we are upto 102 followers, thank you to Anne for your comment!


I wonder what she will come up with, if she can stop dreaming of Harvey?!


  1. awww Lovely photo of Harvey bless him. Have a lovely time in Honiton, dee x

  2. It`s tough when you are a thinker!!!

  3. Good to see you last Saturday ... lovely day.
    Hope Fair is good at Honiton, it sounds wonderful.
    Billy sends Florence his love!

  4. it just me or do those gnomes look a little bit subversive? x