Saturday, 7 May 2011

Peter Scott fabric, Anchor colour chart & Massai neckware!!

geese 002

Fantastic burnt orange barkcloth, it is extrememly eyecatching

geese 001geese 003

and then an Anchor embroidery thread colour chart, it keeps opening out until there are 6 pages of beautiful jewel coloured threads looking out at you.

patchwork bits 007

patchwork bits 008

patchwork bits 009

patchwork bits 010patchwork bits 011

patchwork bits 012

Finally a Massai  beaded collar/neckpiece, ( this will go in my stock for Avalon at Glastonbury on May 20th)

patchwork bits 013

So I didn’t find much before the rain came but what I did find I was very pleased with.

I have to finish some more “Sean Bean” cushions for Pamphill on Monday and then load the van, so the giveaway will be sometime soon, the thunder has upset Florence’s thought patterns so she has had to take a break from thinking of the prize!


  1. I just love that fabric. Gorgeous colour. Hope you have a good day on Monday.

  2. Lovely things, the fabric is a stunning colour.
    The Sean Bean cushions are sure to be a sell out!... hope you have a fantastic day on Monday. x

  3. oh I just LOVE the Threads colour chart♥ thanks for showing it.

  4. Trixie - what on EARTH is a Sean Bean cushion?????????

  5. .....ah only true followers of SB can know the answer!!!

  6. Sean Bean cushions- LOL! That's exactly G's pronunciation of his name, especially when I used to become breathless watching him in Sharpe. Cx