Thursday, 12 May 2011

cheer me up!

When I look at this picture it always cheers me up.
It was on my birthday a few years ago, we had hired a rib for the day.
(Tom and I have our Level 2 Powerboat licences)
We were heading out from Weymouth harbour and at this point were driving towards Portland Bill
It was a fantastically hot and sunny day and I just remember being incredibly happy.


  1. Be happy Tracey. I loved hearing your tale of meeting Sean Bean and handling his weapon (Lol!) when I saw you at Vintage at The Village Hall on Monday. And I thought Michael was looking particularly tasty with his new haircut and stripey red shirt. Actually I've been thinking that what with your Michael, Elaine's Mark, Lizzie's Jack (and my G) - that's a pretty high standard of male pulchritude. And a lot to be said for a life in vintage!

  2. Wow..I remember being taken to Portland Bill to watch the power boat racing,when I was young! It was amazing!
    Hope you are ok ;-)x